AkshayaH Global School
  • Community work
  • Industrial Visits
  • Co / Extra-curricular Activities
  • Sports Activities

Community work

In order to instill awareness and make students responsible citizens, the school helps various institutions that support the under privileged, old age homes and orphanages. A visit to such institutions, does not focus on donating funds but also extends a genuine warmth and affection to the needy and deprived. Students, teachers and parents conduct carnivals annually to raise funds for this cause.

Industrial Visits

Students are taken on an yearly visit to industries where they observe products being manufactured.

Co / Extra-curricular Activities

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

The school integrates a range of creative activities in its educational programme, activities like drama, writing, debating and elocutions are part of the programme. Children are encouraged to participate and present projects at reputed institutions like the IIT Madras and Science Olympiads

Sports Activities

A programme is designed for physical education, as well as individual sports and games so that we can encourage an all round development that will promote the child’s personality. They are trained in a particular sport once a week.